My Car in 1999 Dinner at the Anna Mandana

I am a young, single, professional, and easy going male who believes the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am who I am and what I am, and not looking for the perfect significant other. I don't like on-line dating or they say "seeing is believing," and I believe that. I am not perfect, but trying to improve myself consistantly. I like to cook at home for myself and my friends. Sometimes my friends come over to cook, and all of us have great times. I love all kinds of authentic ethnical cuisines. My favorite cuisines are Sichuan, French, Italian, Thai, and Vietnamese. However, I don't follow recipe books that often because I think cooking is to a person's own taste and his/her passion. Outside fine dining, playing bridge is one of my favorite activities.

The Lobster Dinner Dinner Prepared by Martha
The Lobster Dinner The Dinner Prepared by Martha

Another thing I like to do at my home is to plant orchids. They normally blossom two to three times and last from one month to two months each time. I enjoy a clean, peaceful, and beautiful environment.

The Purple Orchid The White Orchid
The Purple Orchid The White Orchid

I love traveling and outdoor activities, such as tennis and scuba diving. Keeping my body fit is one part of my life. I try my best on every thing I do. I'd rather have nothing than having something so-so.

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