Different poeple have different tastes. I happen to like all kinds of ethnic food. Among all the places I have lived and traveled, I still think San Francisco has the best restaurants with all kinds of variaties and qualities (you may not agree with me). The following table shows most of the restaurants I like in the city and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Qualities and services may be varied depending on who is cooking that night. They are listed in the sequence of the price level, and then from my most favorite ones to the least ones. I don't like to rank them in stars due to the very first sentence I said. One's trash may be another one's treasure.

每个人都有自己独特的味觉。 到目前为止, 我还是认为旧金山拥有世界最好的餐饮(你也许不同意我的观点)。 以下为我所喜爱的餐馆。

Price Guide (per person for dinner) 价格指导(每人每晚餐): $$$$=$100 or more 以上; $$$=$50 - $99; $$=$20 - $49; $=$20 or less 以下 TR>
Restaurant Name 餐馆Cuisine Type 种类Price Range 价格
Reviews 评论
Masa'sFrench$$$$I consider this is the best restaurant now, which has surpassed The French Laundry. I had perfect dinners here again and again. There are no rivals in the city for its impeccable service and great tasty food with excellent presentation. Around October and November of each year, you have to come here for its white truffles, freshly air freighted in from Piedmont, Italy. The best white truffle is from Alba, Italy.
The French LaundryFrench$$$$As of 10/14/2001, I considered this was the best restaurant in America. The cooking book by the chief chef Thomas Keller is the only cooking book I have ever bought. It used to be ranked as the best restaurant in America by Gourmet Magazine. It was ranked No. 3 in 2001.
Gary DankoCalifornian French$$$$This is the best restaurant in San Francisco. I just like everything he cooked.
Fleur De LysFrench$$$$This is the most famous romantic French restaurant in the city.
Fifth FloorCalifornian French$$$$It has the most exotic china (not quality wise, but shape). Food quality doesn't quite match with the price you pay.
The Dining Room at the Ritz-CarltonMediterranean$$$$It has an classical and luxurious decor. The service is the best in the city. The pianist Chad is a friend of mine.
AcquerelloItalian$$$$This is the best Italian restaurant in San Francisco, serving you with the fine china, crystal glasses, and silverwares.
Campton PlaceFrench$$$$This is the one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. But it was a little noisy last time when I was there.
JardiniereCalifornian$$$This is one of my all-time most favorite restaurants in San Francisco. It is also popular for Opera/Symphony goers.
AquaSea Food$$$It is considered one of the best sea food restaurants in town. They opened Pisces in Burlingame for those living down the penisula.
Ana MandaraFrench Vietnamese$$$Personally, I think this is the best vietnamese restaurant with exceptional decoration in the city. It is one of my favorite restaurants.
Chez PanisseCalifornian$$$This is where Californian cuisine started. It is the best restaurant in Berkeley. According to the Gourmet magazine, it is the best (No. 1) restaurant in America in 2001. Prices might have been raised due to this reason since October of 2001.
DelfinaItalian$$$This is one of the best Italian restaurants in San Francisco. It's always popular and hard to get a seat. Food is fantastic. Service is nice and fast. You won't be disappointed after the long waiting in line. The Pizzaria next to the restaurant services great pizza, but pricey.
Les AmisFrench$$$This is a nicely decorated small place place with great food in financial district. Food quality is great for the price you pay.
Wayfare TavernAmerican/California$$$This restaurant is quite popular in the Financial District of San Francisco. Food is delicious, but service is a little slow. Currently, it is the place to get together with friends.
CrustaceanEuro-Asian$$$It has two locations in the city. I had the best roasted crab here.
RubiconCalifornia$$$It is a Michelin Star restaurant in San Francisco. Although it was ranked as one of the best restaurants in SF by Wine Spectator magazine, I hardly agree with all those rankings. There are far more better restaurants in this area. The deco was not impressive at all. However, it does have a huge wine cooler in the basement. The wine recommended by the waiter was just OK.
The Garden Court at Palace HotelAmerican$$$I think this is the most beautiful dinning room in town. It is famous for its Sunday brunch.
The Waterfront Restaurant & CafeFusion$$$It was the first fusion food restaurant I went. It is located at the water front with a view of the city. This is another place where Clinton stopped for meal.
ClementineFrench$$$This is a very pleasant French restaurant on Clement Street. Very good food for the price paid. It is a good place to polish your French.
Asia De CubaAsian/Latin Fusion$$$It is an over rated fusion restaurant at the Cliff Hotel. Service is not quite attentive. The decor is great with high ceilings. You pay the price for the ambience. There is a sister restaurant in New York City.
Seasons at the Four Seasons HotelCalifornia$$$I was not impressed by this Four Seasons Hotel from very beginning due to the cheap simple modern architecture and decor. It's a noisy place: live piano mixed with cooking sounds and loud talking...Cold bread was served, and food was not up to the level they charged me. It does have a great view over Market Street if you sit by the window.
Carnelian RoomCalifornian$$$This is a restaurant on the top of the tallest building - Bank of America in San Francisco.
FarallonSea Food$$$This is where I had most delicious oysters in my life. It has an unique decoration.
Garibaldi's (on College Ave.)International$$$Although Opentable.com says it serves Mediterranean California cuisine, I still consider it as an international mix. It is a casual elegant style place with good food.
GrandViews on the top of Grand HyattFrench$$$It has a good view, but not great food to match.
Zuni CafeCalifornian$$$It is a very trendy restaurant with a lot of yuppies. Food is so-so. But it is on the Gourmet magazine's America's Best Restaurants List.
Le ColonialVietnamese$$$It is an upscale Vietnamese restaurant. A lot of young people go to the bar on the second floor. Very cruisy. But food is not quite as tasty as those Vietnamese food in Tenderlion area.
LuluAmerican$$$This Lulu is for mass market with elegant place's price. Food is ordinary. Oysters were not served cold enough. However, it is crowded. It made me thinking of Chevy's.
Koi PalaceChinese$$$This is a seafood Chinese restaurant. Dinner bill can be $$$$ if you order some rare Chinese dishes such as shark fin soup. Reservation is highly recommended. 30 - 90 minute waiting time is very common.
Asia SFFusion$$$This place is popular among younger generation. It is very noisy and crowded. Although it has a high rank at Opentable.com, I think it is over ranked by all means. Fusion food were not that great creations here. Only fun things are those gender illustrators who serve the tables and perform on the stage at the same time.
MeccaAmerican$$This is a very trendy place to some of young crowds, but not to my taste. I did not quite like the food at all. Industial decor makes it cheaper looking to me.
Chez Panisse (Cafe)Californian$$A cheaper version of Chez Panisse. It is located on the second floor of the restaurant. Great food with affordable price.
HouseFusion$$This is one of the best fusion (Asian, American, European inspiration) restaurants in San Francisco.
Slanted DoorVietnamese$$It is a very good Vietnamese restaurant where President Clinton had a dinner there. It is often ranked as the best Vietnamese restaurant in the city by San Francisco Magazine. However, I think it is for mass market people who are used to American taste. It has been relocated from Mission to the Ferry Building.
Thep PhanomThai$$This is a higher class of Thai in the lower Haight area. It has one of the best Thai sea food in town.
New DehliIndian$$This is a very good Indian restaurant that has a traditional Indian decoration inside. President Clinton once dined here.
Rosa PistolaItalian$$This is a very good Italian restaurant in North Beach area. It was once awarded the best new restaurant in America.
Soizic BistroFrench$$This nice French restaurant with artistic deco is located on Broadway in Oakland. I think it is a great bargain for the quality of the food at the price you pay.
OndineFrench$$This is the best restaurant in the North Bay. It has a great view of San Francisco.
BisouFrench$$This French restaurant is next to the Cafe in Castro area. Food is ok, but service is not that great. It's very noisy and space is limited.
PalominoPacific Northwest$$This restaurant has a Pacific Northwest menu with European flair. I was amazed by the stellar views of the Bay Bridge and the sumptuous aromas.
Wu KongChinese$$It is an expensive Chinese restaurant in the city. It is the only Shanghai style restaurant here. It has one sister restaurant in Hong Kong. However, it is closed now.
Yang SingChinese$$This is an up-scale Chinese dim sum place where you can purchase a "museum" teapot for $50. It has moved to One Ricoh Center where Wu Kong was. The regular waiting time is about 30 to 60 minutes year round.
Tong KiangChinese$$This is the best Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. It is very hard to get a seat. No reservations. Normal waiting time are 30 - 90 minutes.
Eight ImmortalsChinese$$This is one of my most favorite Chinese restaurants in town. It serves excellent braised squab, steamed cat fish, and ginger crab.
Leticia'sMexican$$This restaurant serves the closest food (I can find in SF) to those in Mexico City.
Sam LokChinese$This is where I can have home style (Sichuan) food. It is not quite clean, but tasty.
Spicy SistersChinese$It serves the same home style (Sichuan) food as Sam Lok. It's a smaller restaurant in Richmond area.
Osha Thai Noodle CafeThai$This is one of the best Thai restaurant witht the greatest value in the city. It is also one of my favorite restaurants.
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