One of my hobbies is to play bridge games. This picture was taken in August, 1999 when I had a bridge lesson from Audrey Grant, a Canadian educator and consultant to the American Contract Bridge League. My regular bridge partner Meg is on the right side of the picture. Jason Grant (Audrey's Son) is on my right side. I took one 8 week bridge lesson with Joe Kroll in June of 1998. We used Audrey Grant's The Club Series: Unlocks the Secrets of Bidding as our text book. It was very easy to learn from this book. Then I started to play duplicate bridge at bridge clubs in August of 1998. Normally, I play once or twice a week.

I am a PADI certified diver. I started my first dive in O'ahu, Hawaii in December 2000. Since then, I try to dive as much as I can and wherever I travel. The following are some pictures that were taken during my first scuba diving.
Scuba Diving (30 Feet Below the Ocean Surface) 深海潜水 (in Chinese)

    Swim with A Turtle

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